WiFi Power Control

CA-F112U-WiFi - WiFi Power Strip with USB Charger

This new WiFi Power Strip give you wireless AP and USB charger function let you and your family access Ethernet with wireless mobile devices simultaneously. With build-in MOV protect your electric appliances from lightening and surge damage.

    Safety Approval :

  • RoHS
  • CE
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  • Build-in wireless AP / Router / Bridge / Repeater modes based on IEEE 802.11n wireless technology.
  • 2 ports USB charger, lets you charge two USB compatible devices simultaneously, ideal for use with iPad, iPhone, iTune, iPod, mobile phone, MP3, GPS
  • AC power line surge protector. Protect high-tech electronic devices from damage caused by danagerous spikes/surges that comming from AC power line.
  • Safety shutter, avoid direct touch of live parts in the outlet by accident. Safe for the children.