Wireless Charger

WP-001 - 3C Wireless Charger Pad

Through the WP-001 wireless charging pad, we can simply charge smart phone or mobile device in 1000 mA maximum without power cable. With paired charging indicator, so users can clearly understand the status of the device.

The WP-001 has overload protection, short circuit protection, foreign object detection and other security features to prevent the overheating hazard caused by the charging unwanted metal object. WP-001 is compatible with the WPC's Qi standard, that can be applied to any products which meet the Qi wireless charging standard.

    Safety Approval :

  • RoHS
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  • FOD:Foreign Object Detection>The protection function to prevent danger caused by inductive charging from putting inductive metal objects on the charging dock.
  • Wireless Power>Transmitting the induced electric current from transmitter coil to receiver coil avoiding the plugging and storage inconvenience caused by the power cord.